When I was pregnant I got terrible morning sickness. All day. Not just in the morning. I wanted to engage myself with creative, domestic projects as a distraction. I suppose I was nesting. I started to paint everything in sight and realised I had nothing to wear but drab workman's overalls. I thought 'I should be wearing something that feels a bit more joyful'. 

 A few days later it was one of my best friends birthdays - I wanted to give her something personal and fun. She's an artistic woman and Mum to two young children. Then it clicked. I'd create her some baby pink work overalls, personalised with her name, something that is full of joy, in which she can create joy.

Other friends saw them and wanted them, I made more. They posted pics, more people requested them. The dungarees had a life of their own, like Frankenstein's Monster in vibrant colours with better stitching.

The Joy Journal is about creativity, colour, individuality and fun. These dungarees are an expression of that spirit. Craft, not couture, comfortable cool, not catwalk.

These dungarees are the first Joy Journal Project.